Envirosharp gets rid of vehicle mold, dampness, and excessive moisture in cars.

We are Experts in Automotive:

  • Odor Elimination

  • Water Leak Remediation

  • Air Quality Testing

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Have an automotive moisture, mildew, mold, or odor problem?

Envirosharp has created a comprehensive, eco-friendly, water leak and odor remediation processes designed strictly for cars. We are the most widely used subcontractor for car dealerships and body shops in the NorthEast and Mid Atlantic.

With our comprehensive remediation process we'd love to help take this headache off your hands and get your car done right, with the integrity you deserve.


“By keeping in mind that an owner spends a significant amount of time in a vehicle we use the most effective and eco-friendly cleaning agents possible.”

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our Scheduling System is designed to work seamlessly with Car Dealerships, Service Garages & Body Shops.

  • We work consistently to improve our communication and customer relationships.

  • We work directly with Insurance Adjustors, Car Dealerships, and Service Garages.

  • Our Invoicing System is made specifically with Car Dealerships and Service Garages in mind.

  • We use the most effective and eco-friendly antimicrobial cleaning agents possible.

  • Our technicians are specifically trained to work with vehicles that have mold, moisture, mildew, and invasive odor issues.


Our Process

Envirosharp identifies source of leak or odor in cars

Step 1: Identify

We work with the dealership or body shop to confirm the source of the water leak and/or invasive odors.

Envirosharp Remediates the car from mold and mildew

Step 2: Remediate

We remediate the car from the mold/mildew and invasive odor damage caused by the water leak with you, your family, and your pets in mind. We use eco-friendly products and processes to ensure you can safely drive your car home and wherever the road takes you in life.

Envirosharp Restores vehicles from odor and mildew issues

Step 3: Restore

We restore the car back to an odor neutral state and back to its original condition before the damage. We apply an advanced odor removal process to ensure the odor has been eliminated and that all surfaces are wiped down with an environmentally friendly cleaner.


Customer Testimonials

“I wanted to say thank you- you have an excellent employee. He was professional, thorough and does the type of work I’d expect for my customers - nothing but the best.”
- Jeff D, East Hartford, CT
Our organization has worked with Envirosharp for more than 10 years, and while we are 100% confident in the work that Envirosharp performs, it is the personal and professional relationship with Trey Vincent that our dealer group has enjoyed for all these years. Trey is responsive, professional, courteous and simply one of the very best business partners we could ask for.
- Brad V, E. Hanover, NJ
“I honestly enjoy working with your company. You and your guys are pleasant, helpful and attentive…overall a pleasure. Thanks for making problematic cars as easy as possible… you have an amazing crew”.
- Charlie F, Glen Cove, NY
“Envirosharp has repeatedly given great customer service and quality workmanship. We won’t look anywhere else.
- Dan C, Thompson Lexus

Let us get your car done right, with the integrity you deserve.